The Fateful Saint's Love


  • 2019/1/21
  • iOS Application Release
  • 2019/1/16
  • Android Application Release

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  • The Fateful Saint's Love | Otome Dating Sim game Otome game

    A popular novel became Otome-Game!

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    A popular novel became Otome-Game!

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"--You will be slain by the brave man you love."

The future told by the knight who appeared suddenly.
The strange journey to avoid the future with knight, mage and minstrel.
The secrets of a sacred woman and kingdom intertwine,
I'm going to fall in love--


  • heroine

    Born and raised as a daughter of a cake shop in Nirvana.
    I have a strong healing power, but I usually spend hiding so that it will not be used by bad people.
    The thought is intense. Basically it is kind.

    "... ... I want to get married with my favorite people, like my father and mother."

The person you will be with is

  • 1. Lancelot [Porker-faced knight]

    Imperial guard and childhood friend of the king and third son of noble family.
    Being driven out of the castle town because of a trick,
    he came to find a sacred woman.
    Porker-face and always cool but goofy sometimes.
    He likes sweet so much to eat around various shops.

    "Stay with me forever, if possible."

  • 2.Cecil [Thoughtful gentleman]

    Imperial guard and childhood friend of the king and mage.
    He is so caring and depended on by everyone.
    He is so nice to everyone that always puts himself on the backburner,
    because of his traumatic childhood memory…

    "Would you stay with me forever?"

  • 3.Ernest [Eccentric prince]

    Freewheeling minstrel and good friend of the king since his childhood.
    Because of his flashy appearance like a prince,
    he has a lot of fans in the country.
    People tend to think of him as a strange man
    but he is smart and strong.
    Actually, he has a mission to do…

    "I get you to be my fiancee!"

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