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  • 2018/11/1
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  • The legendary love story | Otome Dating Sim game Otome game

    A popular novel became Otome-Game!

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Sensational novel was made into a Otome game!

"I will never give up in spite of any difficulties!"

I have to be strong--
Not to let this nightmare be in the miserable future,
and to be able to protect a precious person even if it became real. You who have one side as an adventurer while being a Duke's daughter,
and being the fiance of the prince.
While the nightmare is being real step by step, your choice is…

The fantasy love romance based on a popular novel!
What will be your fate--?


  • heroine

    Daughter of the duke of Kingdom of Lecchiano.
    Prediction of ruin and to avoid reality
    Hold the magic of one street and begin activities as an adventurer while daughter of Duke.

    (What on earth did I do?)
    (How do I have to be tried?)
    (First, it gets stronger, as strong as you can protect!

The person you will be with is

  • 1.Carlo 【Arrogant Dragon】

    He is a dragon who think that human being is weak and boring.
    At the first meeting with heroine, as he was taken away the horn
    and a part of magical power,
    he is working together to observe. Being interested in to a human being and heroine…

    "I just keep protecting my beloved wife with every efforts."

  • 2.Nicola 【Eccentric prince】

    Second prince in Alciero. His ostensible looking is smiling and friendly, but he became misanthropy because of assassination attempt
    and betrayal since his younger period.
    He approached to use the things of the heroine,
    but wae gradually attracted by her sincere posture --.

    "Hey--let me see your face madam."

  • 3.Dante 【Annoying Hunk】

    The spirit living from mythical era has watched over her all the time.
    He is so happy to talk with her but unable to read the situation.
    In a word, character defects.
    He has a reason to keep watching over her and…

    "My life with you--I want the future."

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